Bespoke Tiled Floor In The Liver Building Liverpool

At Posh Tiles we are sometimes asked to match up our tiles with the three most recognised buildings in Liverpool. Anfield Marble was renowned for making terrazzo tiles in Liverpool and to this day carries out the maintenance work to the above stone tiled floors. The marble tiles and granite works to these buildings have truly stood the test of time, with the River Mersey battering layers of salty water against their granite exteriors but the granite fights back with a quick clean, looking as good as the first day it was laid. Granite is a hard wearing stone and will last forever and perfect for outdoors whilst limestone, travertine and marble are better suited in doors as they are softer stone and cannot take the weather as good. The Liver buildings café on the ground floor has a superb tiled floor which we cut the marble and laid the stone clock into the floor, the time is Shone down onto the marble tiled floor via laser and is unique in design and mimics the famous Liver clock on the tower to the building.