Quartz Tiles & Underfloor Heating Installation FAQ

Quartz Tiles & Underfloor Heating FAQ

Quartz tiles are ideal if you are planning a contemporary or modern look for your home, but along with most other tile retailers we do not recommend them to be installed outside, or with underfloor heating. Here is our guide to Quartz tiles and their recommended installations.

Firstly Why Quartz Tiles Are Different?

As opposed to granite, or stone tiles which are a hewn from a solid piece of material. Quartz tiles are actually a composite product made up of quartz, resin, sand, colour pigment and generally crushed mirror pieces. However before you assume quartz tiles are a poor substitute for a solid product it is worth considering that quality quartz tiles like the ones we sell, should have a ratio of around 93% quartz and only 7% resin. It is only when the ratio of crushed quartz falls below this optimum level that problems with normal domestic installation can and often do arise. It is worth asking your representative what the ratio  is if you eventually purchase elsewhere.

So Can A Quality Quartz Tile Be Used With Underfloor Heating?

Well yes an no! We know of many domestic installations where the customer has opted to utilise a quality quartz tile with underfloor heating, and never had an issue! If we where asked, which we often are, then we would strongly recommend against this type of installation.

So Why Isn’t It Suitable?

The resin is the part of the compound that causes the issues, regardless of the ratio it is present in! It, by its very nature, will expand and contract with the differing temperature levels, so it stands to reason underfloor heating is a bad idea, along with external installations, and conservatories.

Any Other Recommendations?

Well first ensure your chosen fitter has experience of working with quartz tiles, installation mistakes and user errors can be costly! Ensure you use a quality latex based tile adhesive and cut them with a wet diamond blade cutter. Apart from installation precautions, quartz tiles are as easy and hard wearing as any other solid product, and if cared for properly they should last a lifetime! Normal cleaning with a mop and hot water will suffice, however for tougher stains use a mild household detergent, and test in an inconspicuous spot first. Never use strong acidic or alkali detergents!

But I Had My Heart Set On A Sparkly Warm Floor!

Well one of the features of quartz tiles is their modern contemporary look so it is a shame they are susceptible to temperature fluctuations; We imagine Modern Interior = Underfloor Heating But if you want a modern look and underfloor heating we would recommend some of our contemporary limestone tiles or alternatively our quality modern porcelain designs.

2 thoughts on “Quartz Tiles & Underfloor Heating Installation FAQ

  1. Mark says:

    I understand that Quartz tiles should not be used with underfloor heating, but what will happen when the central heating pipes are under the floor feeding the radiator, as this warms the tiles up ???

    • Peter says:

      we recommend not laying the tiles because of the fact that quartz is a man made product which consists of resin and glue, the heat over time from either central heating pipes or electric under floor heating has the potential to wrap the tiles in the immediate area were the heat is, we therefore as a company would not guarantee the product. I hope this helps.

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