Wood Effect Tiles For Your Home Or Business

Consider Wood Effect Tiles For Your Next Project

It can not have have escaped your attention that wood effect floor coverings have become de rigueur for today’s interior designs. Regardless of your intended interior style there are a multitude of options, available to today’s buyer. Laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, real wood flooring, wood effect vinyl’s, and now porcelain wood effect tiles are all great options but careful consideration must be given to their intended use.

An Introduction To Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Modern manufacturing techniques have seen a recent surge in the popularity of wood effect tiles made from porcelain or ceramic. This practical flooring solution has several advantages over the competition. Aesthetically the printing techniqes used create tiles that have a strong long lasting colour, and give a realistic texture that is just not possible with many laminates or vinyls.

Other Advantages Of Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles.

Wood or wood effect floorings are often used in kitchens and bathrooms where water damage is a real possibilty, so called “water resistant” laminate floorings are in essence splash proof and not an effective solution for standing water, which often results in curled up edges, and a faded colour. Solid wood too is really a no no in a wet environment, again it is splash proof but water will always find its way through cracks nooks and crannies, and over time effectively ruin your flooring. Quartz based tiles are also incredibly popular for bathroms & kitchens and whilst a very different style choice are practical too, however they are not reccommended for installations with underflor heating, where as ceramic or porcelain tiles are considered ideal in these circumstances. If laid correctly porcelain tiles are the ideal solution for potentially wet environments and will outlast any other solution available today. So if you want a wood effect in your bathroom or kitchen then they are certainly something to consider.

Get The Look With Wood Effect Tiles

As well as being an incredibly practical solution, porcelain or ceramic wood effect tiles are great value too, yes they will work out more than a cheap vinyl floor covering, but with our prices starting at just £29.90 per m2 they sit in the middle between cheap tiles and more expensive travertine or granite tiles. With the exception of our contemporary Treviso Smoke Floor & Wall Tile which has a square or rectangle option our range of wood effect tiles come in long planks between 800 mm – 1000 mm long and 165 mm – 200 mm wide. This gives the effect of real wooden planks which can eiher be laid in line or often laid on an angle or sometimes in a herringbone effect. Colours and styles range from browns or golden wood effects which will suite a traditional or rustic interiors to greys and muted tones which look excellent in a more contemporary home.

Wood Effect Tiles Are Not Just For The Floor!

We have seen numerous installations of wood effect tiles used as a wall covering, this gives a great effect and often a real individual design statement. Due to their hardwearing nature porcelain or ceramic tiles are also an ideal solution for external installations and often require less maintenance than more traditional wooden decking for example. If this post has sparked your interest in wood effect tiles for your home then check out our range here.