Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Tiles For 2016

Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Tile Trends For 2016

When it comes to your bathroom flooring, it is important that you think ahead and match the style of any bathroom fittings and fixtures with your desired tile type or overall look. This will help create your ideal oasis or retreat from the outside world! You don’t want to match, lets say some traditional Victorian bathroom fixtures, with an ultra modern Sparkling quartz effect tile, it just wont look right! Form our experience eclectic mixes simply do not work in a bathroom environment, design synergy works here.

What is Wrong With Quartz Tiles?

Nothing! we are not saying that quartz tiles have no place on your bathroom floor, they can, and do look stunning when pared with the right fixtures, but remember that if you plan to have underfloor heating you are probably better going with a natural stone tile or porcelain floor tile. Another thing to remember when starting to think about what flooring you want for your bathroom is that most high quality floor tiles are not floor tiles at all they are simply tiles! Meaning they can be used for both floor and walls. Now your tiler may not appreciate you ordering some large format tiles to be used on both your bathroom floor and wall but any professional tiler worth their salt will be able to manage this job, after all its the look you are going for right?

I Love Large Format Floor Tiles!

We agree, however please also bear in mind that whilst you may dream about huge square large format tiles, if you have a small bathroom then it is better to go with a smaller tiles size. Most of the tiles we sell in a large format are available in smaller sizes.

Its All In The Finish!

Tile finish varies significantly too, so as an example you may be loving that Victorian bathroom suite and the tile only has a polished effect and you where hoping to have a little more of a shabby chic finish then see if the tile has a tumbled finish or chipped edge, its easy for us in our Liverpool tile showroom to show customers the difference, but we understand that for our customers unable to visit us it is difficult to get an impression from the website, in which case we would recommend ordering different finish samples. So without further ado lets crack on and see what are our current top sellers for bathroom flooring tiles  

White Bathroom Flooring Tiles

White bathroom flooring tiles are the most popular? That has not really shocked you has it! Well us neither, now we are not talking about 6inch by 6 inch ceramic floor tiles here we sell a vast range of tiles that hover around the lighter shades of er well white really, they are hard to photograph hard to describe and differ greatly if that makes any sense. But they look amazing in large format or regular sizes, visit our new Liverpool tiles showroom and see for yourself why we sell more white tiles than any other!  

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

The popularity of wood effect tiles took us by surprise at the end of last year, but we really shouldn’t have been! Bathroom flooring needs to be hardy, enable to withstand hot and cold temperature changes, will more regularly nowadays be laid over under floor heating, and more importantly needs to be able to cope with constant wet and damp conditions. Wood flooring fails miserably in all of these areas but wood effect porcelain tiles is an ideal bathroom flooring alternative. The natural wood look matches contemporary and traditional fittings and for those who want a more modern on trend look there are grey wood effect tiles available. View our current range of wood effect porcelain tiles here.  

Concrete Effect Bathroom Flooring

Being the busy modern city, Liverpool has a large number of modern apartments and so we have seen a huge rise in orders for our concrete effect (Or cement effect) porcelain tiles. In fact they have taken over the ever popular travertine tiles as people opt for a more modern look. Not that one needs to live in an ultra modern apartment to have concrete flooring tiles. You simply need to choose a modern bathroom set to match and your bathroom quickly turns from mundane to uber cool!  

Travertine Bathroom Tiles

Whilst travertine tiles have lost a little ground to the modern concrete effect tiles they still remain popular due to the different sizes, finishes, and colours. They match both modern and contemporary furniture, they are easy to care for, can be laid over underfloor heating, and sizes and even colours can be mixed and matched due to their slightly rustic effect.  

Marble Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Marble tiles are a perfect choice for bathroom flooring and walls. They generally have a polished finish and whilst its true that they give off an air of traditional luxury and elegance they can also quite easily be matched with more modern fixtures and fittings. Large format Marble tiles look amazing on both bathroom floors and walls, and if you only have a small bathroom then we offer smaller sized tiles to give the same effect but with less cutting. Marble tiles can also be laid with underfloor heating for that added luxury bathroom feel.  


I hope you have enjoyed reading this latest run down of our most popular bathroom flooring tiles, and I may update this if any new products start to threaten this list. If you would like to ask any questions then please feel free to comment below and I will be happy to answer them for you, or just pop into our new tile showroom 3 – 5 Sheil Road, Liverpool, L6 3AA.