3 Reasons Why Tiles Are The Best Home Flooring Option


They’re durable

Drop a glass of red wine and your pristine carpet needs serious cleaning. Step on a beautiful softwood floor in high heels and you’ll eventually need to buy an expensive replacement. While other flooring materials look and feel great, they’re not always durable. Tiles, whether they’re porcelain, stone or ceramic, look great while offering durability that is truly second to none. Even the hardest of shoes are unlikely to damage a tiled floor. Likewise, liquids are a non-issue thanks to stain resistance and waterproof tile grout.

They’re versatile

As well as being durable, tiles are extremely versatile. Thanks to the large range of different materials available, it’s possible to decorate your entire home, from living room to bedroom, using different types of tiles. Create a sleek and modern or classic and stylish bathroom using porcelain, natural stone or ceramic tiles. Give your living room a fresh, contemporary look with large slate floor tiles.

They’re stylish

Choose the right type of tiles and it’s easy to transform your home into a sleek and modern designer space, a bright and cheerful mid-century house or a dark, stylish and atmospheric environment. Tiles are available in a huge range of styles and sizes, making them a great option if you’re designing a stylish space.

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