Quartz Tiles

With the vast amount of tiles available on today’s market, it can sometimes be overwhelming due to the amount of choice that’s on offer.

However – we believe that the tile of choice would be from our quartz tile range.

There are many reasons why this is our tile of choice, but we have highlighted just some of them below to give you a general idea and feel of what we believe to be one of our most superior tiles and also one of the most popular choices customers choose to add that something special to any room.

High Quality
Quartz is a mineral consisting of silica quartz and resin, which makes this tile extremely hard-wearing, providing scratch and stain resistance and ensuring that the white/black gloss finish keeps its freshness, bright & vibrant look for a longer period of time.

Additional Qualities
Apart from being a hard-wearing tile, quartz tiles bring a unique look and feel to any contemporary room setting due to their crisp, sparkling characteristics and their mirror effect finish that adds that extra bit of elegance to these unique tiles.

Also available in very large sizes of 600 x 600 mm, which provides great coverage for any area and helping to create that seamless effect.

Quartz tiles are suitable for internal use on floors and walls and are a great addition to most rooms or spaces within the home that’s looking for that sleek, clean, vibrant, and unique sparkling finish.

Take a look at our white quartz tile:

Want more sparkle? Take a look at our black quartz tile:

We also have the elegant grey quartz tile:

With our own showroom and many years of experience in the tile industry, we are the experts that can help you select the perfect tile to complement any room you have in mind.

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