Bathroom Tile Ideas

Your bathroom should be the most relaxing room in the home, and to enjoy quality time there it’s important to get the design right. Here are some of the top bathroom trends for 2017/ 18, and the right tiles to choose for you to achieve the look you want. Materials used to create bathroom tiles […]


3 Reasons Why Tiles Are The Best Home Flooring Option

They’re durable Drop a glass of red wine and your pristine carpet needs serious cleaning. Step on a beautiful softwood floor in high heels and you’ll eventually need to buy an expensive replacement. While other flooring materials look and feel great, they’re not always durable. Tiles, whether they’re porcelain, stone or ceramic, look great while offering […]


Wood Effect Tiles

The popularity of wood effect flooring has increased in the last few years due to its versatile qualities. Increasing amount of both household and commercial properties are now choosing to use this as an option of tiling to create their desired wood floor effect.   Wood-effect tiles are one of the key emerging trends in […]


Granite Steps Installation

This was a granite step installation, carried out at one of Liverpool’s newest and most unusual buildings.  Posh Tiles was asked to carry out this work at the museum quarter due to vandalism. Posh Tiles not only sells the most unusual and unique tiles, we also have a bespoke manufacturing workshop. We can design all […]

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Wood Effect Tiles For Your Home Or Business

Consider Wood Effect Tiles For Your Next Project It can not have have escaped your attention that wood effect floor coverings have become de rigueur for today’s interior designs. Regardless of your intended interior style there are a multitude of options, available to today’s buyer. Laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, real wood flooring, wood effect […]