How To Measure Your Room For Floor Or Wall Tiles

How To Measure For Floor & Wall Tiles Image

If your ready to go ahead and order tiles for either a wall, a floor or even both! Then its a good idea to know the exact amount (Or m2 coverage) you will need so you aren’t left with a surplus of expensive tiles sitting in the shed, or even worse you get towards the […]

Quartz Tiles & Underfloor Heating Installation FAQ

White Quartz Tile Image

Quartz Tiles & Underfloor Heating FAQ Quartz tiles are ideal if you are planning a contemporary or modern look for your home, but along with most other tile retailers we do not recommend them to be installed outside, or with underfloor heating. Here is our guide to Quartz tiles and their recommended installations. Firstly Why […]

Bespoke Tiled Floor In The Liver Building Liverpool

Bespoke Stone Tile Floor By Anfield Marble At The Liver Buildings Liverpool Image

At Posh Tiles we are sometimes asked to match up our tiles with the three most recognised buildings in Liverpool. Anfield Marble was renowned for making terrazzo tiles in Liverpool and to this day carries out the maintenance work to the above stone tiled floors. The marble tiles and granite works to these buildings have […]

Our Stone Tiles In The Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool

Posh Tiles At The Edward Pavilion Albert Dock Image

Our tiles have transformed the stone entrance hall and the client liked them so much they decided to tile the main staircase too. The green slate tiles are quarried in the UK and the graining is quite unique. The tiles are complimented by a solid granite reception desk we made and also quartz worktops to […]