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Mobile Showroom FAQ’s

Customers wisely want to check that the tiles they see in the showroom are the right size and colour style for their home, this can vary depending on the light in your house and what furniture you have in the room.

Booking the Posh Tiles mobile showroom has many advantages, our vast tile range is brought direct to your door, allowing you to bring as many tiles in to your home and place them in the room alongside your furnishings and home decor to get a true picture of what they will look like once laid.

Our customers love this service and at Posh Tiles by Anfield Marble we believe we go that extra mile to satisfy and ensure you are pleased with your purchase.

Why Book A Home Visit?

Here at Posh Tiles by Anfield Marble we wanted to offer a service to our local customers which would enable them to see our fabulous products in their own home. Here are a few other benefits to booking our Mobile Showroom.

  • Convenient no more “wasted” Saturdays
  • Expert advice on tiles and installation
  • Free measuring service!
  • Massive selection of tiles under one “van” roof
  • Tile accessories & advice on grout adhesive etc
  • No need to purchases small samples
  • Expert local tradesmen advice & referrals
Call To Arrange Your Visit

07974 024790

*Check out our other web site and if you like our other products they too can be brought to your door……..Anfield Marble.

£14.30 Per sq m
£41.70 Per sq m
£29.70 Per sq m