Silver Travertine

£34.90 Per sq m

Silver Travertine: With a combination of light greys and cream tones, this tile visually encaptures natural beauty. Its overall rustic nature provides any room it’s used in with that extra hint of character. This tile can be used on floors and walls to complement many room layouts and designs.


Tile Size (mm)

About Our Tile Samples

If required we can provide samples for any stone & porcelain tile we stock.

Each sample costs £3 plus VAT with free delivery. That means that the final cost will be £3.60 delivered to your door.

On the back of each tile sample will be a sticker containing our contact and ordering information.

This sticker will also have a voucher code that you can use if you decide to go ahead and order from us.

The voucher code will deduct £3.60 from the final total. Only one instance of this can be used for each order.

As an example if you ordered 2 tile samples at a cost of £7.20 to you, when you place your final order you would receive £3.60 discount

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